Identify Your Decorating Style

So…what’s your decorating style?  Is it Scandinavian?  Early American?  Modern?  French Country?  Shabby Chic?  Can I like more than one style at a time?  And more importantly, can I mix them safely?  Can I have a French Country kitchen and a Shabby Chic living-room?  The simple answer?  YES, to all the above.

You can locate many online ‘quizzes’ that will disclose your tastes in home design.  And we encourage you take a few.  But do you really want a computer program to dictate to you how your home should be decorated?  Probably not….so let’s look at a simple exercise to get you on your way.

  • Grab a writing pad and start ‘touring’ your home traveling from room to room.  Make two columns on your pad ‘Must Keep’ and ‘Really Could Go’.  Trick here is to be honest with yourself…only YOU can do that.  This will all come from the heart…. don’t play ‘interior decorator’, just pick those things that you ‘Must Keep’ and those that ‘Really Could Go’….
  • List all those items that are personal to you….and check everywhere! Top of dressers, book-shelves, closets and inside drawers.  Think ‘what makes me feel good?’
  • Fantasize! Think about the home of your dreams…you know, that oceanfront beauty right on the beach. Or possibly the log, mountain home with the prow window in front.  Or maybe that desert ranch.  Don’t hold back.  What you’re doing is expanding your thoughts and ideas whether they are within your reach or not…. you can choose and eliminate at a later date.  Don’t limit yourself….be creative!
  • Examine everything you’ve…. well…. examined, and look for common threads. Color, material, patterns and so forth.  Jot down your ideas.  Scan the internet seeking pictures of your dream home utilizing these themes.  SAVE THEM.  Go with your feeling and try not to ‘fit’ into any one style.  You’ll soon be on your way transforming your ideas into wise decorating decisions.

Our assessment and re-design suggestions take all of this into consideration…. we’d love the opportunity to get in front of you to determine what it might take to get your home to truly be the home of your dreams.  Call us today to schedule an evaluation.  You’ll surely be glad you did!