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Our philosophy

There is a perception that interior design is reserved for the affluent… not so!  Our mission is to bring style and character to your home in an affordable fashion.  We are dedicated to making each client’s space feel sophisticated and relaxing.  If decorating and embellishment is not within your realm of “I can do”… “we can help”!  We work with you…keeping within your budget to achieve this goal.

Everything from furniture selection to flooring… window treatments and color pallet selection… we work with you to bring out the “you” in your home.  Whether your style is cohesive and calming or bold and dramatic, we’ll help you create spaces that bring you joy and pleasure… spaces in which you can relax after a long day at work or gather with friends and family for a weekend get-together.  We’ll make sure you love coming home!

Who we are...

"There are two ways of being creative.  One can sing and dance, or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish!" ~Warren Bennins

The buying and selling of your home is an emotional transaction.  We are expert at helping you transition your home into a marketable house that appeals to the masses.  When you find that perfect house, we can help you create the home of your dreams.  We believe your home shouldn't reflect trends... it should be a reflection of your personality, an environment in which you can flourish.  Your home should be that one place that gives you comfort and joy.  We can help you create that space...

Meet the Team

Hello, we are looking forward to getting to know you... here's a bit about us!



Founder & CEO

Member of International Association of Professional Interior Decorators

Naturally creative with a keen eye for design and style, I have always lived in beautiful surroundings and was constantly asked who my designer was. I would laugh, who had the money for a designer! I've never thought of myself as a "designer" just someone who had "good taste" and could put a room together without spending a fortune. Friends would ask me to go shopping with them to help them furnish a room or help them pick finishes for a remodel. It was my pleasure and exciting to see the joy in my friends face when the room was finished. It's amazing how a new paint color or piece of furniture can transform a space.

Some years ago, a friend of mine, a real estate agent, asked me if I would help him on a listing. This was way before staging was a popular word in the business. He had a homeowner who was clutter centric and who needed a push to get their home ready for the market. I believe it's not what you say, but how you say it and applied this philosophy with my friend’s client. I found I have a great knack for helping people to understand the difference between creating a "home" and for marketing a "house". This was the beginning of my career as a Home Stager.

Once I moved to Boise, the market here was so "hot" that I decided to go back to school to become certified as an Interior Decorator.   I love to help people create beautiful spaces, unique to their personality and lifestyle without having to spend crazy amounts of money. I want to help my friends in real estate get top dollar for their listings because the home is polished and ready for the market.  We moved to Boise because we fell in love with her, the people here and the lifestyle.  Boise isn't just a place, she stole our hearts and this is why we founded Boise Interiors.



Founder & CFO

Charles represents the other half of our creative brain-trust. In fact, Charles is an artist. His talents include painting, not walls, but beautiful works of art using oils and acrylic paint. He also enjoys wood-working, inclusive of rustic furniture, whimsical wooden objets d'art and custom wall treatments. His knowledge of color, i.e. knowing which colors to use to make the most of a space to compliment the furnishings and finishes in a room, helps client's move away from the hum-drum "white wall syndrome" that affect so many. He is a past member of the Delray Art League (FL) and has created one of a kind pieces that hang in many homes today. The soul of an artist, no matter what challenge I present to him, he finds creative way of making things beautiful.


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