Residential Interior Decorating

Discover your design style

Your home should reflect your personality and we can help you discover what your design style is.

New house, old furniture

It's a challenge to get your old furniture placed just right into your new home.  We can help you figure out the best layout for a room or for your whole house.

Re-designs ARE affordable

A re-design is not a complete interior makeover.  We try to use as much as we can of your existing furnishings and perhaps add a new wall color or treatment and some new accessories to create the room(s) of your dreams.

Retail/Office Interior Decorating

There is a Psychology to Designing Retail Spaces

When someone steps into your brick & mortar retail space, you want them to stay and linger awhile.  Your space needs to draw your customer in and keep their attention as they walk about your space.  We can still infuse your vision and style into the space, but planning is extremely important here and of course, your products need to take center stage.

Office Spaces

Today's office spaces go from the conservative to the wacky depending on your business.  Just take a look at Google's Headquarters and compare it to Wells Fargo.  Depending on the image you wish to portray to your clients, we can create a space that is attractive, functional and comfortable enough to promote creativity and productivity.

Decor for commercial spaces need to meet with certain criteria and must be hold up well to constant daily abuses.


More about Home Staging

Onto the Closing...

Hearing suggestions on how to get your home "show room" ready for sale, can be rough.  We are not in the business of judging anyone on the style or repair of your home...we are in the business of taking your home and preparing it for today's savvy buyers.  Our goal is to highlight all the great features of your home, so that we can help you move onto the closing quicker and for the maximum amount that the market will allow for.

Why Boise Interiors

Because we will work with what you have (in most cases this is doable), leave you with a written plan that you can implement yourself or since moving is such a chaotic event, our team will implement the plan for you.  We love what we do and we love being able to help you achieve your goal.

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