Downsizing… HELP!!!

The last child has packed his or her belongings and has moved on…you’re left with that 3500 sq. ft. home complete with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, finished basement and one acre of manicured property.  You and your significant other now have not only peace and quiet, but the whole kit and caboodle to yourselves!  Nice, huh?  Well…. maybe not so nice.  Ask yourselves, ‘do we really need this place any longer?’ You’ve always wanted to have a beautiful cottage in the mountains, so why stay here?  There’s no longer that large family and you don’t need the space at this point in your lives and you can do as you please.  So, what to do?

You’ve collected a great deal of ‘stuff’ over the years.  Drawers, attics, basements, garages and who knows where else, chock full of ‘stuff’.  Do you really need it all, or worse, are you planning to take it all with you?  Furthermore, will you be seeking another 3500 sq. ft. home?  Probably not.  Those smaller 1200 sq. ft. houses look quite appealing to the both of you.  Welcome to the world of downsizing!

Let’s look at what’s involved in this major undertaking.  Probably the first thought you’ll have is ‘maybe we should keep this stuff…just in case!’ You’re not unlike many before you…you’ve grown attached to items that you’ve accumulated over the years and it may be difficult to part with them for no reason other than comfort and familiarity.  But do they serve a purpose at this stage in life?  This may very well be the time to get rid of them and get down to the basics that will serve you at this important time in your lives.

Determining what stays and what goes depends on a couple of factors.  If you are making a long-distance move, moving a house full of furniture can be very expensive.  It is usually easier and will cost you less if you leave the old furniture behind and buy new.  If your move is in and around your current location, closely examine your daily lifestyle. Should you keep those items that aren’t used on a regular basis?  Take that large exercise machine the kids used and ask yourself ‘am I really going to embrace this activity, or would a pair of running shoes serve me equally as well?’  Bye-bye exercise machine!  Consider those books that you haven’t had a chance to read or that furniture that works perfectly when you’re entertaining large crowds…. You’re probably simply hoping that their presence will entice you to eventually utilize them. Is this just another case of ‘just in case’?

Examine your current furniture carefully…. will it fit in the new house?  Look carefully at your couch as well as your bedroom furniture, two of the most important items in your current home.  Compare what you have to the measurements of your new home…and keep those windows and doors foremost in mind!  You don’t want to move a California King Bed into a 11’ x 11’ Master Bedroom! You’ll have a much better idea of what stays and what travels by taking this simple step.

No matter what you decide…. take the time to ‘beat the drum’ and enjoy this most important time in your lives.  You’ve taken the steps to simplify and come back to ‘basics’.  Make the most of this exciting opportunity…. you’ll be glad you did!

We want to help you create spaces that bring you joy and comfort.  Spaces that you can relax in, gather with friends and family and be the wonderful place you can't wait to get back to after a long day at work, a trip or a night out.  We want you to love coming home!