Have the edge over your competition by including either of these low-cost services in your Listing Package.  It would be our pleasure to become an integral step in your listing process.  Let us know when you need assistance or if you have any questions.

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Consultations $150 under 3000 sq ft - $200 over

Get that listing in ‘tip top-showroom ready’ selling condition!  Our consultation service includes taking your client on a walk-through of their home through the ‘eyes of a buyer’.  We educate them on the modern buyer mind-set and discuss those areas that need a bit of TLC…or more!  While traveling through the home with your client, we’ll be snapping photos of each and every room as well as surrounding outdoor property.  Once we are back in our office, we process the photos and prepare a detailed “Plan of Action” which we present to you and your client, usually within 24 to 48 hours.  It’s easy to see how we, NOT YOU, can and will absorb those ‘touchy’ conversations regarding how to get your client’s house market ready.

This service fee includes time spent at the home and includes the time to process the photos and write the report.   No hidden or extra costs to you.

Skip the Consult - Staging $300 (2 hr service)

This service is for the agent who recognizes that their listing needs more than a consultation; you know your client needs someone to help get their house “showroom” ready.   Our Staging service includes using your client’s existing furnishings, we may rearrange furniture to make the most of the space, borrow things from other rooms, create piles for the Seller to pack ahead of time, and make suggestions for shopping, painting, updating, cleaning, storing, etc. The goal: To make the home as close to show-ready as possible—in two or three hours.  We then send a list to you and the seller of items that are outstanding to help get the house “showcase” ready.  If your Seller wishes to have us handle those items, that would be at the Sellers expense.  Agents take note, the after pictures of the listing are provided to you, already formatted for MLS Upload…compliments of Boise Interiors!

 If your listing requires the use of outside furniture, we will need approximately two weeks’ notice.  Rental fees apply.

A minimum of 2 hours is required.  Usually the agent pays for the first two hours and the client picks up the cost if it goes beyond 2 hours.

Photography Only $100 <2000 sq ft

Additional cost for houses over 2000 sq ft.  Includes, depending on size of property, 15-30 high resolution photos.

You can purchase a flier in .PDF or .JPG for an additional $50.00

Buyer’s Agents Take Note!

Want to get more referrals?  Give your client the perfect gift for their new home.  Our home styling services make a great “gift” for your buyers.  We can help your buyer with organizing, color selection, furniture placement, fresh décor, wall treatments etc. helping them make their new house a home!


Staging Existing Furnishings—Not every home needs help, but for those that are cluttered, “blah” and/or awkwardly arranged, We physically make changes to improve the home’s presentation.  We play up the home’s desirable features; neutralize and de-clutter; rearrange furnishings to provide space and warmth; and put away items that “drag the home down.”

Accessorizing—Occasionally, homeowners haven’t yet purchased many accessories or they’ve been depleted such as in a divorce situation or an out-of-state move or they are old and worn, resulting in a home that appears cold and/or too casual.  To play up the home’s built-in features—whether the home is vacant or sparsely furnished, I can bring accessories to place on the built-in features such as the fireplace mantle, kitchen counters and soffits, and the master bath.  This may be an additional cost to the Seller… of course we discuss this prior to buying what is needed.

Staging Empty Homes— A vacant home is like standing in front of a mirror naked… you see all the faults.  When a home needs to be more competitive, we can arrange to have furniture and accessories delivered to the home for key rooms.  We do not carry an inventory, but do have a relationship with a local furniture rental company.  We would preview the home, see what is needed, pick out the furniture & accessories, be present for delivery, stage the house and be there for pick-up.  Not every vacant home needs a full staging… sometimes, the cost of full staging is better put to good use in fixing the faults.

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